Small things have large impacts

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 We study the movement of soil, water, and bacteria in nature.

Small things can have large impacts. Our lab focuses on the relationship between things as small as microscopic organisms in the soil to as large as landscape evolution. Our goal is to fundamentally understand how things move throughout sediment and soil, whether that be contaminants, bacteria, or carbon. Our research could have a large impact on how everyone understands erosion and the soil we live on. 

Our Team

Our team consists of motivated doctoral students, graduate students, undergraduate students and faculty. All with the focus on understanding the environment at a variety of scales. 

Our Videos

Our research is long-lasting and its impacts are relevant for generations to come. It is important to spread our research to young minds and inspire future scientists and engineers. We design outreach events and produce science videos to accomplish this. 

Recent News


Congratulations to Judy for receiving the 2022-2023 Best Undergraduate Instructor Award from CEGE department at UMN! 


Congratulations to Jorge on a faculty position at NCSU and Erika on a consulting job!


Congratulations to William for his paper about the impacts of flow shear and surface roughness on biofilm growth!


Congratulations to Shih-Hsun for receiving the prestigious Charles C.S. Song Fellowship Award, an award for academic excellence! (read more)


A new short video about our work to remove harmful algal blooms. 


Judy Yang Receives NSF CAREER Award (read more)