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Welcome to ET-Lab!
4D imaging of a clay aggregate
Bacterial spreading in soils

Welcome to the Environmental Transport Lab (ET-Lab) led by Dr. Judy Yang. Our lab studies the transport of water, soil, chemicals, and bacteria in nature. We design flume, microfluidic, and other experiments to simulate complex natural environment. We apply fluid mechanics and biogeochemistry to understand and predict sediment transport and landscape evolution,contaminants and carbon transport in soil, as well as bacterial spreading. Motivated doctoral students, undergraduates, and postdoc scholars are welcome to directly contact Judy (


Recent News

August 30, 2020 : Judy is joining UMN.

May 23, 2019: Our study on sediment transport was published in Geophysical Research Letters and highlighted in EOS Research Spotlight: "New Study Shifts Paradigm of Coastal Sediment Modeling"