Sept, 2021: A new mechanism of bacterial spreading in unsaturated porous media

We discovered a new mechanism of bacterial spreading in unsaturated porous media, such as soil, tissues, and lungs. Our paper “Evidence for biosurfactant-induced flow in corners and bacterial spreading in unsaturated porous media” is published on PNAS

Biosurfactant flows

Jan, 2021: 4D imaging reveals mechanisms of clay carbon protection and release

Our paper “4D imaging reveals mechanisms of clay carbon protection and release" is published in Nature Communications. We developed a new 4-D imaging technology that demonstrate how carbon is stored in soil and how bacteria can use extracellular enzyme to release the carbon in soil. Our story is highlighted in Princeton News "Carbon-chomping soil bacteria may pose hidden climate risk" and interviewed by The story about soil carbon and climate change

4D imaging method


Sep - Nov, 2020: The mysteries transport of carbon and bacteria

Judy gave invited talks about "The Mysteries Transport of Carbon and Bacteria in Soil" at Princeton University (Sept 10), MIT (Oct 16), St. Anthony Falls Laboratory (Oct 27), and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Nov 11). 

May, 2019: Our study shifts paradigm of coastal of sediment transport

Our study on sediment transport is published in Geophysical Research Letters. We developed a new model that improves predictions for sediment movement in vegetated shoreline zones and reveals a universal predictor that could change the understanding of coastal landscape evolution. Our story is highlighted in AGU news: EOS Research Spotlight: "New Study Shifts Paradigm of Coastal Sediment Modeling."